The Worst Dev

Hey, I'm Kurt.

developer, content creator, devrel manager & formerly incarcerated

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Thanks for dropping by! Here's a little bit about what kind of content you can expect from me. I care deeply about prison reform and helping the formerly incarcerated. I also talk about mental health, drug addiction, and neurodiversity. Oh, and once in awhile I write about developer advocacy and software development!

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Business Insider Article

I had the privilege of sharing my story of incarceration and breaking into tech with Kylie Robison, a journalist for Business Insider focused on developers and their communities, tools, startups, and more.

This former felon has a successful career in tech with stints at Amazon and hot startups — and he wants to teach other ex-cons how to do it too
#AntiracistEconomist Podcast

I had the honor of being a guest on Kim Crayton's podcast where we discussed white privilege, the prison industrial complex, and the issues of mediocre white men in tech.

Tech is Not Neutral, Nor is it Apolitical Intention without Strategy is Chaos Lack of Inclusion is a Risk/Crisis Management Issue ….and lastly and most importantly Prioritize the Most Vulnerable
Learn with Jason x freeCodeCamp Interview

I spoke with long time friend Jason Lengstorf about my journey into tech. The main focus was on applying skills gained from other professions to the tech industry.