The Worst Dev

Goodbye Medium

March 22, 2019

Following the recent changes to Medium and the new paywall, I’ve decided to move away from using blog hosting services and just use my own blog moving forward.

I considered using and think I will definitely cross-post to there since they support markdown and it would be relatively low effort to migrate a post. However, I’m all over the MDX train and think there is a lot of power that can be unlocked by embedding examples in the blog content itself.

const onClick = () => window.alert('Take that Medium')
render(<button onClick={onClick}>This is bad ass</button>)

Having the freedom to embed code along-side anything else is pretty awesome, no more creating gists that need to be updated in a different UI before re-publishing an article.

If you still use Medium, that’s cool too. I just personally find the paywall to be problematic since I want whatever I write to be free and accessible for everyone. 💛

I should note that I also plan to use this blog to talk about more than just tech! (get ready for the crossfit, mental health, and work/life balance posts)

Written by Kurtis Kemple who lives and works in Virginia Beach, VA.You should follow him on Twitter