Redesigning theworstdotdev - What I Want From My Digital Garden

🌱This post is still growing and likely to be updated

As I get deeper into the idea of a digital garden. A few things start to become clear requirements for what the next version of this will look like:

  • It needs to be dead simple to go from planting to sprouting
    • I want to be able to capture ideas and put them on the web as quickly as possible
  • I want it ultra simple from a styling perspective
    • No custom fonts, very few images, smaller code snippets, nothing longer than a few minutes to read
  • It needs to support multi media
    • I create and consume content across a wide range of medias and my garden should be able to support any of them
  • I want it to have some community to it
    • I want to better recongnize contributions and give better credit and resources for ideas I make content about, but it needs to be mostly automated or abstracted with MDX
  • I want it to support collaboration
    • I would love help tending to my garden and I would LOVE for folks to create curated lists on there own of my content, who better to help you curate than those that consume your content.

Written by Kurt Kemple, who lives and works in Virginia Beach, VA.You should follow him on Twitter