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Zapier Recipes for DevRel

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When you think of devrel or developer advocacy (DA) you might picture traveling the world, giving talks, speaking on podcasts, working with community members, and organizing events/workshops. Well, you wouldn’t be too far off, but that’s actually a very small part of advocacy, it’s all the glue work it takes to tie all these pieces together that is the majority of the job. Most of my day as a DA is actually spent working with the teams within my company and community members to put all the pieces together to pull off a particular objective, like sponsoring and speaking at an event.

As your network and ideas grow, so will the amount of process and administrative work needed to accomplish your goals. Some common tasks I find myself doing are:

  • Setting up forms and form submission pipelines
  • Setting up meetings with vendors, venues, organizers, etc
  • Managing social media accounts
  • Gathering/relaying metrics
  • Gathering/relaying information
  • Gathering/sharing content ideas
  • Sheparding community members
  • Connecting people
  • Much more

Notice how none of the day to day stuff is very flashy?

This type of stuff takes a herculian effort to keep up and manage unless you find ways to automate most of it. That’s where Zapier comes in. Zapier allows you to connect 1000s of apps together and automate workflows you would have to otherwise do manually. I’ve been making a lot of use of zaps (that’s what you call a workflow in Zapier) and figured some of my favorite recipes!


Swag Form -> Spreadsheet -> Slack

Blog Post Submission Form -> Airtable -> Slack

YouTube Video Added to Playlist -> Social Media

Slack Command -> Webhook -> DO ANYTHING!

Reactji or Star Message in Slack -> DO ANYTHING!

Pull Metrics from GitHub (or anywhere) -> Quip -> Slack

Zap Push -> Slack

Written by Kurt Kemple, who lives and works in Virginia Beach, VA.
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